Greentan -  Solution To Your Workforce Needs

We have a solution to the labor shortage that plagues the local economy - We can find a suitable worker for your company from Ukraine.

Greentan Tööjõuteenused Ltd  is an Estonian company founded in 2019.  We offer recruiting and staffing services in order to support our Clients with high level skilled employees. Our team has over 10 years of experience in international recruiting and strong connections to different countries.  We have nearly 100 experienced employees.

We help local companies grow and develop through our staffing services. We can hire and rent you a Ukrainian skilled worker who is there every day and does the work. The Ukrainian worker does not argue, does not get sick and does not miss for no reason. Get your projects done on time and at no extra cost. We are the authorities in our field and over time we have developed reliable cooperative relations in Ukraine.

We offer temporary workers from Ukraine, because Ukrainians have a similar attitude to life, work culture and family values. You get an experienced worker who doesn't need training, but comes and does the work without further ado. Pick up the phone and order a rental worker right now. We are happy to help you.

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